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Editorial Guidelines for Writers


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Dear Writers, Authors and Experts:

We welcome you to submit articles that will be of interest to our readers.  Writing an article for Going Bonkers Magazine is a great marketing tool for you, and an opportunity to gain buyers for your books, clients for your services, and visitors to your website!                                   

About Going Bonkers
Going Bonkers is distributed nationally through Amazon.com, B&N.com, and Paypal, and various other outlets. 

Writing for Our Readers

Going Bonkers is a self-help magazine that is educational, entertaining and motivational. It is packed with
articles that are designed to help our readers understand, manage and overcome stress in ALL areas of their life.   Going Bonkers is all about learning, laughing & stress-free living. Our readers are adult woman and men of all ages.

Articles in Going Bonkers magazine covers a wide range of subject matter. From humorous to serious, and from mental disorders to dealing with a lazy spouse.  We cover any and all topics which fall under self-help, personal growth, self-improvement, relationships, mental health, psychology, success, motivation, inspiration, etc.    

Word Count

We accept articles from 500 -3000 words, but we prefer articles in the 1000-1500 range. 

We look for the articles that present the subject clearly, and then offer the reader steps, in an easy-to-read format, that will help them overcome, deal with, or better understand the subject.  As a "self-help" magazine, our priority is to give our readers straight-forward, to-the-point, useful solutions.  
If you are not familiar with Going Bonkers magazine, please read a few Going Bonkers articles  to understand the style and feel of the magazine before submitting your work. 

We do not accept self-serving articles.  You may not mention you, your book, your services or your products in the body of article.  However, at the end of your article, you will have ample room in your bio to promote yourself, your books and your services.  

Using Humor
We love articles that include humor, but only if humor is appropriate with the subject matter. Some of our articles deal with serious issues, and do not contain humor within that article. Each magazine contains a mix of serious and humorous articles.

When to Submit an Article
We accept articles all year long.

Instructions for Submitting Your Article

1. Email your article to: Help@GBonkers.com using the following guidelines.

2. If you are submitting more than 1 article, send each article in a SEPARATE EMAIL.

3. Include your article in the body of the email, and as a WORD document attached to your email. 

4. In the subject line of your email, type "ARTICLE - SUBJECT" and list the 'subject matter'. 
         For example:
         Article - raising self esteem. 
         Article - overcoming depression
         Article - dealing with difficult people

5. At the top of your email list your info as follows:
    Last Name, First Name
    Your Email address

6. Next, list your suggested titles and subtitles for your article. Be creative.  We love titles that draw attention!  Please send several suggestions.

7. Next, list your by-line. 

8. Next, copy and paste your full article into the body of the email.

9. Next, (at the end of your email) include your bio as you would like it to appear in print.

10.  Please do not include any personal notes or greetings to the editor in this email. 

What else you should know

  • If your work is published, and you provided us with your mailing address, we will send you a digital copy of the issue in which your article appears.  You can purchase a printed copy at www.goingbonkers.magcloud.com.   

  • Going Bonkers staff members are unable to respond to queries about submissions.  Please do not email to check on the status of your work—we'll notify you when a final decision regarding publication has been made.  At that time, you will be notified as to which Issue your work will appear.

  • If your work has been published previously, note the date and publication. If you are sending this work simultaneously to another publication, please let us know this, too.

  • Going Bonkers reserves the right to edit manuscripts for style, length, clarity, content and philosophical considerations.  

  • Going Bonkers sometimes holds articles for consideration in later publications.  

  • We do not pay for articles. Many authors write articles and use their bio at the end to promote themselves, their book or their services.

  • If your article is being considered for publication, you will receive a response, however please be patient, as it may take anywhere from several days to several months for your article to be reviewed. 

By following these guidelines, you'll help make everyone's job easier, so thank you! We truly appreciate your cooperation.  Thank you for your interest in Going Bonkers Magazine. We truly value you and your unique talent!